Fall Soccer Registration

We hope this finds you all well. 

We want to try and give you the most information that we can possibly provide, but with little being handed down from the County, we still do not have a lot to share.  While we would rather not plan based on loose language, that is unfortunately all we have to work with based on the information provided to us by the County, but we will move forward and hope that the language tightens up and we can stick with our plans.


First of all, here is what the county’s official statement is regarding Rec and Park activities:

The Department of Recreation and Parks canceled all organized recreational activities until further notice. The Department has also advised the County’s Recreation Councils to cancel organized activities. This cancellation includes all travel programs out of state. All Department of Recreation and Parks buildings are closed to the public until further notice. 


As of right now, registration for the soccer camps and fall soccer is on hold.  We will reopen registration the moment the County reopens access.  If the County provides us with any information that would identify the season as being unattainable or delayed, then we will reevaluate at that time and share that information with all of you.  We are all very aware that social distancing and contact rules may definitely play a part in making the decision to host a season, so please know that if we do play this fall, there’s a good chance things will look very different than years past.


We would also like to touch base with regards to Cobras Travel Soccer.  We have all intentions in moving forward with our season and some sort of evaluations for travel once we have the green light from the county to use the fields.  As of right now, no organization is cleared to physically meet, practice, or play at this time.  There may be some travel programs attempting to hold tryouts virtually.  We are not planning to do that.  Keep in mind, those programs are typically for-profit organizations and they are looking for payments.  We do not operate that way and are under the Catonsville Parks and Recreation umbrella.  As soon as we get clearance to participate, we will have some sort of modified plan that will be communicated instantly.  Thank you for your patience.


For any questions regarding Cobras:  Troy Stevenson


Stay Safe,

Catonsville Soccer Board